One American is a personal blog, featuring the opinions of one writer who wishes to remain anonymous.  One American is not associated with or funded by any organization, church, company, political party or special interest.

The primary focus of One American is to contribute to the discussion of important issues and current events pertaining to American politics, culture and society.  However, this does not exclude the discussion of issues and events relating to the larger, international community.

For more information on the author and this blog, read this:

One American (An Introduction).

This is a personal, editorial blog.  As such, a degree of personal bias is natural, however, the writer hopes to remain as fair and rational as possible.  Support for arguments and claims will be provided in the form of citations, links, etc. where the writer feels they are needed.

One American always welcomes thoughtful, free discussion of the issues presented here.  You can rest assured your comments will not be censored, except for obvious trolling or spamming, in which case they will be deleted.  Please feel free to e-mail the author at: just.one.american@yandex.com with your comments, suggestions and questions.  Your exceptional e-mail may be chosen by One American to be published here, along with a response from the author.  E-mail responses are featured on the page “Letters”.

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